Monday, February 26, 2007

Heads Down

Trust me, I know it's been a while since my last post. I've the best intentions of writing more often but, lately, life has had a funny way of preventing it. Generally, things have been quite chaotic both in and outside of school. At home, we built a fence so that we can leave The Destroyer outside during the day. If the whole med school thing goes belly up, I think I could probably eek out a living building fences. (Only one style and with my dad's help, of course.) Anywho, it was nice to actually make something that doesn't resemble a damned molecule or protein synthesis or anything.

So, classes are moving along. Swimming is the belle of the ball. My swim coach is absolutely a female version of a high school football coach. During swims, she has already yelled at me the following things:
  • "C'mon, the girls are making you look bad!"
  • "Are you going out for the knitting club?!?"
Classic. She's nice but intense in a really jocky sort of way. Honestly, had she yelled those things at me when I was 21, they might've worked to motivate me. Now, they just make me start laughing, get water in my nose, pee in the pool, and start pawing for the side. Knitting club? Priceless. Guess it's the swimsuit.

The first round of tests were a little rocky. For some reason, I consistently back myself into a corner and have to fight my way out of it. Nobody puts baby in a corner. (Except me, I guess.)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Jump on the Obama Wagon

God bless Colbert.

My favorite:
"So you're judging blackness not on the color of someone's skin but on the content of their character...which I think realizes Dr. King's dream in a special way."


Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm a Punk Rocker, Yes I Am

I am not, however, an Organic Chemist. Big test on Thursday. Again, this crap is pretty tough. Very nice. Anywho, more in a few days.

Check the video. The band: Teddybears. The man: Iggy Pop. Seriously, has he not aged since 1975?

Updated: Link with better video quality.