Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Team!

This past Tuesday, my plans to organize everyone on my side of the room to wear green paid off.  Like the last few weeks, my buddy and I wore the same thing.  This time, however, everyone surrounding us wore green shirts also.  It was pretty cool.
Then, people started commenting on how cool it was that I'd duped everyone into wearing green on 4/20, the holiest of stoner holidays.  I got a pit in my stomach and constantly tried to reassure everyone that, really, that wasn't the plan.  Hell, since January, I've not really been aware of the date more than once or twice.  I know what "day" it is by what classes I have.  Dates, not so important to me at the moment. 
In one lecture, our prof took a moment to eye us and ask about the occasion for our unity before making a 420 reference. So, in addition to struggling academically with some of my classes, I'm sure the faculty are aware that I was the one who inadvertently organized a dress-up day for 420.  Great.  Perfect.  Grand.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion Police

Guess I realized today that I've been mailing it in when, for the third Tuesday in a row, I've worn the exact same thing as the guy who sits next to me.  Keep in mind that these aren't scrubs that I'm talking about, these are our civilian clothes that we wear once a week.  Khakis and an olive button-up shirt.  Guess we're not reaching too far back in the closet for something different.  Based on how wrinkled we looked, I'd say that each time we get home, the clothes go right onto a hanger until the next Tuesday. 

I've attempted to organize everyone who sits nearby to wear the same damned thing as us next week.  That way, my idiocy can spread.