Friday, June 11, 2010

If You Look Too Far Ahead, You'll Trip Over What's Right Before You

On a short study break but thought I'd recount today's hilarity (so far):

Today, I have three finals:  Genetics, Medical Spanish, and a big ol' Path exam.  I rocked the Genetics one.  For the record, I have a degree in Spanish which makes me feel pretty good about my proficiency. My hubris has been increased by the fact that an overwhelming majority of my classmates are beginning speakers.  I quickly completed my Spanish exam, handed it in, and triumphantly strutted from the room to join my peers in the lobby in post-exam bliss. 
"Congrats on being done," I offered.
"Thanks, man.  You too."
"How'd it go?," I asked.
"Pretty well. I thought that one matching section was a little tough."
"What matching section?," I asked.
"The one right before the anatomy terms."
"Come again?," I asked.
"The anatomy terms," he repeated.
"How many versions of the test were there?"
"Just one," he said.
"How many questions were on it?"
More silence.
"I only did 30; I gotta go," I said as I literally dropped all of my stuff and walked away.
I tore back into the room, quickly explained the depths of my idiocy to the proctor, and did the remaining portion of my exam in five minutes.

Here's hoping that I'm more careful on the keystone exam of the day.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Worth a Thousand Words...

Three days left in the semester and, after, a little freedom* for a few weeks.  Meanwhile, I found another great visual metaphor for med school.

It never gets old.