Monday, February 25, 2008

The Academy Awards Happened

All I gotta say is that I got a nerd boner when they kept cutting to shots of Cormac McCarthy sitting in the audience, reveling in the fact that the Coen brothers' adaptation of his book cleaned up.

Also, am I the only person who thinks that Diablo Cody is the most overrated person on the planet? I enjoyed "Juno" but didn't think it was the greatest thing ever. Did the Oscar go to another Mira Sorvino or Cuba Gooding, Jr.? Methinks.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dylan's Rough Month + Ski Trip Bonanza + Rejections!

Our poor dog has been having a bit of a rough month. I suppose that, in dog years, he's entering his awkward teens. A few weeks ago, my wife took him to the park for a walk and to run with other neighborhood dogs. He loves it. It's nice to see him in a pack, running, wrestling, and having a blast. As is normally the case, Dylan is a lot faster than most of the dogs with which he plays. If they're running, he'll be a few paces ahead of them and will be looking back at them while he sprints.

On several occasions in the past, he nearly mangled my leg but crashing into me because he wasn't watching where he was going. I'd always limp off and, in a few paces, I'd be fine. He, of course, was never any worse for the wear...until a couple of weeks ago.

He was running full speed (which is blazing) and was looking at the dogs behind him. Unfortunately, he didn't see the mature tree in his path. At full throttle, he plows into it, leading with his right eye. The impact lifted him off the ground and spun him around a few times before he landed. Other than being really scratched up around his eye, he was fine.

The Mighty Oak, 1. Dylan, 0.

So, about a week ago, I was heading out to Colorado to snowboard. On the day I was to fly out, my wife was scheduled to return from a business trip in the late evening. Rather than board the dog overnight, we dropped him off at our friend's place so he could play with her dog, Moses. No worries, right?

Wrong. Turns out that Dylan found something on which to severely cut his foot. Because neither of us were in town, our friend "R" ended up taking him to the emergency vet clinic to get the wound glued back together. Later, Kim takes him back to the vet on a follow-up visit. Turns out that the wound is slightly infected. As a result, the beast got limited outdoor activity, a healthy course of antibiotics, and daily trips to the vet for bandage changes and wound inspections. On Valentine's Day, he got an especially festive bandage. We, as expected, got stuck with the bill.

Dylan feels the shame of a Valentine's Day bandage.

Ski Trip Bonanza
On the 7th, I flew out for a ski trip to Steamboat, Colorado. They are having a ridiculous snow year. While we were there, I think it snowed close to 20 inches. Not too shabby! Here's the best kept secret about Steamboat: If you fly Delta into the Hayden airport from either ATL or SLC and you're a SkyMiles member, you can get a free lift ticket on the day of your arrival by showing your boarding pass at the ticket window. Holy smokes, nothing compares to getting off the plane and getting on the slopes within a couple of hours. It was fantastic.

Ready to hit the powder.

We covered most of the mountain. I think my favorite run was one called Middle Rib. It was steep and isolated. When we did it, were were the only ones on the run. You start out in a wooded area and make your way to a great overlook of Steamboat Springs.

Beware of deadly tree wells.

The view from the mountain top.

Beautiful seclusion.


Honestly, I boarded my ass off. I've been back for a few days but my knees are still sore and aching. I wish I was back out there. For more of my photos of the trip, click here.

So, in the land of good times and great fun, let me add a little seriousness. Cross one more school off of my list: Medical College of Georgia. As I suspected, they're not interested in me this year. Damn you, MCAT, damn you!!!

Ahh, the delicious taste of rejection.

Still awaiting word from Mercer. Turns out they have until 30 March to notify me of an acceptance. How I wish it were May 30 or even July 30!