Friday, December 31, 2010

To ATL and Back

Best Christmas Card Ever
Winning Run and I never got it together enough to send out holiday cards this year.  We aiming for a "Happy New Year" card.  That's our plan.  She did, however, give me a fantastic Christmas card that incorporated a photo of a snowman I made for her and recent events.  Photo and card below...

The rare 4-globe snowman.

Winning Run's hand-drawn card, for the win.

Southern Snowpacalypse 2010
Early on the 25th, Winning Run and I hopped a flight back to ATL.  Our original 6am departure had been canceled by Delta supposedly for the weather but, in my opinion, to consolidate less than full flights into ones more profitable.  The people watching on the flight was pretty good.  The "My Love" lady whose children sat across the aisle from us was priceless.  We overheard her say "Now I can't sit with you, my loves, because I have to sit with daddy.  You stay here and behave, my loves.  Mommy will check on you."  Then, she waddled four rows up and wedged herself into a middle seat with her husband, leaving her 8 and 4 year old kids alone to do as they chose.  To their credit, the kids were pretty good.  As a result, "My Love" lady visited only a few times during the flight but each visit was a precious Christmas gift to Winning Run and me.  At one point, she stood in the aisle bent over her brood, her ass inches from my face, and started doing hip stretches.  I managed to cry a single tear and whisper toward Winning Run: "God bless us all, every one."

When we touched down in ATL, snow was falling and, I'm certain, all the milk, bread, batteries, and kerosene in the city was in very short supply.  Thanks to the Duke's expert driving, we made it to Winning Run's family Christmas dinner and gift exchange extravaganza.  Their place was coated in about 3 inches or so of wet snow.  News outlets reported that it was the first White Christmas in Atlanta since the 1880s, I think.  The evening was great but traveling from SEA to ATL was quite tiring.  When I turned in to bed that night, I fumbled in the dark looking for the bedroom light switch.  When turning on the light, I was greeted by a doll lying on the bed, staring at me, peering deep into my soul.  Although it was my mother-in-law's dear childhood plaything, the damned thing scared me.  Even worse, I awoke during the night and it was on top of me, eyes glowing red, whispering a Latin incantation; I peed the bed, fought it off of me, and went outside to sleep the remainder of the night in the snow.

The SoulCatcher 5000

A few days later, we went to visit my parents and share some time with them.  While there, I did a bunch of OMM treatment on my mom and it seemed to help her out; guess I'm learning something.  :)  We even managed to catch up with a bunch of friends and share some beers at a local watering hole back home.  It was too brief visit but I'm glad we went.  Sometimes, just being around those people who really know you can be a great boost for the spirit.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winning Run's Fist vs. the Mouth of a Teenager with Braces*

*The following story has been invented to add intrigue to the details surrounding Winning Run's accident.  It is not true.  For the true story, you'll need to hear it from Winning Run herself.

The other night on the bus back from the Picasso exhibit, some rough looking teenager on the bus kept mouthing of at us.  Really harassing us.  We moved seats a few times to get away but the kid just kept it up.  After an eternity, we reached our stop.  As we were exiting the bus, the punk reached at Winning Run's bag.  Naturally, she jerked away and the punk started swinging at her.  She clocked the idiot in the mouth but the punk's braces cut her hand.

We made a quick to the ER and got her stitched up.  Meeting with a hand specialist later today to ensure that no tendon damage occurred.  Personally, I don't think it did.

And now, some action shots from the hospital...


 Irrigating the wound.
Post-stitches. Yum.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 Semesters In and All is Well

Late last week, I wrapped up my third semester of medical school.  In retrospect, it's pretty hard to believe that it's gone by so quickly.  Actually, some weeks last what feels like months, hours become says, fifteen minutes is enough time to accomplish so much.  Other weeks, however, fly by so quickly that I seem to move in slow motion while everything speeds by me.  So, there's that.  Time is elastic; it moves quickly and slowly but rarely constantly.

Next semester begins in January and brings with it a maddening push through remaining subject matter, toward the boards.  Then, in July, I'll begin rotations in the hospital.  Insane.

For now, however, I'm going to enjoy a few days under the same roof as my wife, studying less than I should.