Thursday, June 09, 2011

T-Minus 14 Days

Boards in 14 days.  Heads down studying.  Doing very little else other than jamming so much shit into my brain that I am neglecting to grocery shop, see or talk to my wife, go outside, drive well, dress well, and so forth.

I feel like a penguin on an iceberg watching others jump into the water and feeling rapid cycles of fear, anticipation, terror, and exhaustion.

In other news, if "Music of the Night" from "The Phantom of the Opera" pops into your head at midnight while you're studying, DO NOT, under any circumstances, create a Pandora station to listen to it.  If you do, I promise you, your efforts will end like this:  three tunes later, a song will play - maybe it will be "Circle of Life" from "The Lion King," maybe it will be "One Day More" from "Les Miserables," maybe it'll be "Memory" from "Cats." Rest assured, a song will come on and it will grab you.  You'll be alone at nearly 1 o'clock in the morning, alone, singing aloud, tears streaming down your face, dripping onto your Pharmacology notes.

Grrrr, manly!