Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Break is over. Today was my 4th day of class in the new semester. Already kicking me around a little bit. The holidays were fantastic. Even though I was going a little stir crazy with cabin fever at the end, I really enjoyed the time off. Aside from the lack of funds, being a student beats the hell out of working for a living.

So, this semester my classes are pretty much the same. I'm taking the next sessions of Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Plus, I'm taking a fitness swimming class. In 1991, I got my lifeguard certification. Today, sadly, I realized that some of the women I'm in school with were probably only about 2 at the time. My first lifeguarding job was at a daycare center's pool. In fact, I could've been lifeguarding some of the very classmates that are now kicking my ass in chemistry. Pretty sad, huh? Well, just to make up for it, I've decided on showing up for the first day of swim class in the following swimsuit:

Get your own here.

Of course, I'd probably lose a testicle and put someone's eye out with that thing if I actually dove into the water and tried to swim. Plus, I'd probably get my ass kicked swiftly and sued. Most likely, I'd have to fend off tons of unwanted romantic advances from the ladies while reminding them that I'm married. It's a tough life I lead.

Anywho, I'm back, baby!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rattlesnake Roundup

So, James Von Waverton (aka J3K) and I decided that it would probably be in our best interests to wear helmet cams at all times to fully capture how ridiculously stupid we can be. Usually, we find it very amusing but who knows -- or really cares -- how observers might interpret us. Anywho, I found a great site for helmet cams.

James quickly pointed out the best action shot from the site:

It's not a headband; it's a Helmet Cam!!!

Inevitably, this led to a friendly wager. With his first paycheck after completing his PhD, Mr. Von Waverton will buy a helmet cam if I wrangle a live rattlesnake with my bare hands. After a little discussion, I must have a least one bare hand and can use a snake stick to help. Unfortunately, this wrangling will occur at a time and place of J3K's choosing. So, I fully expect to discover a rattlesnake in my bath one day.

For the record, we haven't made it official with a pinky swear yet. I need to find some place to take wrangling lessons.

By the way, my posting hiatus continues just a little longer. Tomorrow, I'm heading out to Colorado for a few days of snowboarding. Sadly, class begins next Thursday.