Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still Nightfloating (5 shifts left)

The hellscape that is nightfloat is on the downslope.  I enjoyed a weekend at home with the family despite sleeping the sleep of the dead and being so thoroughly wiped out such that I couldn't make decisions or carry on a conversation or maintain linear thoughts.

It was a rare February weekend with some sunshine and mild temperatures.  Great to tease you with the promise of spring but saddening to know that March looms to yank the carrot from your grasp.  Still, hanging out at the park with kiddo, Dylan-dog, and Winning Run was pretty great.

On the drive in to the hospital today, the mountain loomed large in the afternoon sun.  Seeing this thing is one of my favorite things about being out here.  It always captivates me and makes me happy.

Hoh boy, 5 more shifts.

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